​MasterTile 15 - Coloured, joint grout for ceramic, vitrified tiles.

How does MasterTile 15 work?

MasterTile 15 is a fine colored powder which, when mixed with water, gives a smooth, easily applied creamy paste for clean grouting of ceramic, vitrified tiles and natural stone. It sets to a decorative water resistant finish (it is not suitable for heavily trafficked floor areas)

Recommended uses:

  • Swimming pools & shower rooms
  • Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles
  • Natural Stone not prone to staining
  • Medium and small sized mosaic

What are the features and benefits of MasterTile 15?

  • Water-resistance – suitable for water contact
  • Colored - Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Good resistance to cracking - joints up to 3-6mm wide.
  • Fast return to service -Tiles can be grouted as soon as they are walkable.
  • Multi-purpose - Ideal for internal and exterior applications.
  • Easy to apply - simply add water on site


MasterTile 15: Technical Data Sheet (Mar 2013)

pdf (59.51 Kb)